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Clinton youth sports

This website has been created by our youth sports clubs in a collaborative effort to help potential participants and their parents find information related to the youth sports programs offered in Clinton.  Baseball, basketball, bowling, football and softball will all have their own areas on the site.  Simply click the tab for the sport(s) in which you are interested to find out more information.  Team pages will fall under their respective sports and be updated seasonally.

There is a PARENT PORTAL under the home page where you can go to find out how to maximize your experience.  Registration, contact information, community, and DIBS will also have there own areas of the website.  DIBS will be an area to go to find what volunteer opportunities are available with the sport you are interested in.  Simply put, without VOLUNTEERS we cannot operate any of our programs.

Current open registration



Links for registrations are located under the registrations tab for the sport interested in.  Please login or register for Sports Engine account before trying to register your athlete.


Financial assistance scholarships are available for many of our programs.  Please contact a sport representative for details or questions about scholarship programs.

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Thank you Beepa's for your support of Clinton Youth Sports!

"These activities are not school-sponsored activities and the Clinton Community School District does not provide support or endorsement of these programs and/or activities. It has neither reviewed nor approved the programs, personnel, or activities announced on this website. Permission to distribute this material must not be considered a recommendation or endorsement by the Clinton Community School District."